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Owners of Whitechapel to Open New Bar in Las Vegas

Theme Bar Maestros Announce Their Newest Venture and Concept

March 31, 2017 – San Francisco, CA – The owners of Whitechapel, the 1.5 year old highly thematic gin cocktail bar in San Francisco, are announcing an exciting new project they have recently just officially inked.  For their sophomore effort, the group has set their sights on Las Vegas and are going in a somewhat unexpected direction.  Having found success with themed single spirit bars, and seeing the rise in popularity of recent-retro fads, they have come up with a concept that they feel will resonate with a large demographic of young, fun trendsetters: a Sex and the City esq. styled venue. The additional hook to make it more of a legitimate statement in the bar industry is the fact that they are determined to carry the world’s largest selection of flavored vodkas, which is kind of like gin without the juniper they explained.  They will also offer what they are describing as the world’s best Cosmopolitan as their house cocktail.  No details on the drink are available at this time however.

“The old saying that vodka pays the bills is very much the truth in Las Vegas, and the amount of flavored vodkas available today is truly shocking,” Smith said. “When we looked at what many drinkers who didn’t necessarily come from craft bar regions were drinking it was crystal clear- we decided to give the people what they want: vodka and sex!”

Acknowledging that the Sex and the City theme might attractive clear spirit drinkers primarily while the growing trends lead to a darker spirit, the partners decided to build a bar within a bar like a secret speakeasy in a separate room.  The name of the secret bar?  Mr. Big’s of course.  It will focus primarily on a wide selection of whiskies and cigars and have a warm rich feel with wood, mahogany and leather accents.

The opening is expected to be in early 2018.